Custom Jewelry Handcrafted by  Designer, Kim Ung

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"Jewelry Designed to Enhance Your Own Natural Beauty"

"I have bought numerous pieces of Kim's jewelry for myself and to give as gifts. The care and craftsmanship she puts into her pieces shows in the quality of the final product. I receive complements and queries from friends and strangers whenever I wear the Ivy Collar. I appreciate the fact that the pieces are handmade in limited quantities so you don't see the same jewelry on hundreds of people.

"The fact that the pieces are unusual wouldn't matter if they were not simultaneously of the highest quality.

"Shop 'til you drop with the assurance that you'll be getting a work of art done in silver.

Sue Dyke, Philadelphia, Pa

Single Lilly Leaf Braclet Every shape of every design is cut, formed and meticulously detailed individually.

Then the piece is artistically blended together by hand with painstaking and practiced craftsmanship to form your jewelry.

Once Kim is satisfied with the initial blending and formation, your jewelry is put through three distinct stages of polishing and shining. Its luster is mirror-like and gently reflects the light to gain notice.

Your jewelry is then put through rigorous tests demanding beauty, shine and durability. Only then will Kim personally sign your jewelry.

Your Jewelry has been designed to enhance your own natural beauty. Because of that, and its uniqueness, its immaculate detail and its own glamour, Kim's designs were proudly exhibited by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

To find out more about the Master Craftswoman and Jewelry Designer herself, please click here.

To find out more about how to customize your order, please click on the custom link.